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Sub snakes for sale


Zachary Zimmerman:
I have built using new Rapco snake boxes, Rapco CL2 IJIS snake cable,and neutrik connectors a few snakes. I enjoy building snakes and mic cables on the side.  :)   I have pictures of everything just ask.

PayPal or cash

1      6ch female box to male fan 50' asking $125 + $15
2      6ch female box to male fan length not set yet $115-150$ Plus shipping up to 100 feet
Ask   4 channel XLR fan to fan ,1/4 to XLR, 1/4 to 1/4 $35 each plus shipping $6 multiple snakes shipping $15

Reclaimed repurposed
These are built from old amp rack signal cabling bits

5 y female to 2 males $5 each
10 female to female turnarounds $3 each
shipping $5 no matter the quantity

Mic cables
I don't curently have any in stock but if you are intrested in me building you some let me know. I like to use canare star quad or canare standard mic cable.   I have built over 200 mic cables for various clients including large sound company's and have had no problems with my workmanship. I Can provide free sample if interested in larger quantities 25+.

Thank you for your interest 

Email Zachary Zimmerman
electrostaticsman  because of spam bots at  Comcast  I hate spam .net


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