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Author Topic: Quantum energy generator  (Read 5149 times)

Allen Cole

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Re: Quantum energy generator
« Reply #10 on: September 26, 2014, 10:45:43 AM »

Last december I read a newly published scholarly article documenting an experiment which actually demonstrated the principal behind this theoretical energy generating machine, it was produced by grad students at a prestigious university although under somewhat different circumstances.  The experiment utilized the theories of "Zero-point energy" and "quantum harmonic oscillator" but was carried out in a vacuum at extremely low temperatures: the total energy gain was extremely small, completely useless for the purposes of generating power for anything greater than a nano-scaled machine, however the article did speculate that with advancing technology such a device could be produced.  I wish I had bookmarked the article, because I've been unable to track it down since.  All I can remember was that the article was hosted on a .edu, and passed my "too good to be true" follow up research.

I've also heard of an oscilating polarity design in which a number of electromagnets are wound in such a way that the windings are imbalanced so that one poll has more winding than the other, 4 of these magnets are placed on a rotating disk and the polarity is flipped inversely, but slightly out of synch with each other so that at one moment the stronger north end is pulling to the weaker south end(or vice versa) of the next magnet followed by a brief burst of North to north, south to south push(kind of like a push pull amplifier or those hovering bullet trains), and so on in an infinite loop of polar shifts traveling around a central axis of an additional electromagnet which at times flips as well, similar to the shifts in polarity which cause sunspot cycles.  Centrifugal force increases velocity as any student of physics well knows so minus loss of energy to friction or gravity the same amount of energy input should create an increasingly fast spinning object, figure out how to harvest energy off of that bad boy feed it back to the oscillating electromagnetic cycle and you would have a perpetual motion machine.  The designers of the aforementioned machines are crack pots though, an energy generator of this kind should have no moving parts as one can hold space and keep balance without the need for any bearings at all limitations would be the kinetic limitations of electrons moving through the circuits and windings.

This article is similar:

and not quite the same but demonstrating similar concepts these articles(not nescessarily from a credible source and I haven't had the time to go back and check the references for accuracy) point out a lot of shit that's not really accepted by mainstream western physics and engineering atm:

mor than just a:
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George Friedman-Jimenez

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Re: Quantum energy generator
« Reply #11 on: September 26, 2014, 08:46:25 PM »

Allen, I admit I only read the abstract but I don't see how the Nature article relates to our discussion here. Since every atom is, effectively, a perpetual motion machine, that is not a big deal at the molecular/atomic level. The hard part has always been to create more energy from less energy (including mass equivalent energy), which would violate the law of conservation of energy/mass. This hard part includes creating a perpetual motion machine on a larger scale in which friction dissipates a nonzero amount of energy and the motion eventually peters out. So far I have not heard of anyone who has proven theoretically or demonstrated experimentally an exception to the law of conservation of energy/mass. Special relativity says energy has mass and can be converted into mass and the mass back into energy, and this has been confirmed experimentally many times. Ignoring this effect could lead one to believe erroneously that energy had been created when in fact it had just been converted from mass.

So have fun if you want to try to build such a machine, but be honest with yourself and others. You might want to start with basic physics like this: but be aware it gets a lot worse, fast, once you start dealing with quantum level phenomena or special relativity (E=mc^2). Leave general relativity to the big boys and girls, and remember you can't fool mother nature.

Let us know if you succeed. We want to hear it here at PSW first!

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Re: Quantum energy generator
« Reply #11 on: September 26, 2014, 08:46:25 PM »

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