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QSC Touchmix-16

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Mike New:
I've been using the Touchmix-16 for a couple of years.  I'm a sound guy, use it for smaller gigs, and rely heavily on the ability to remotely manage my mixes from an iPad. I like this mixer very much and would agree with the other reviewers' positive comments. But there is one issue that would keep me from buying another:

No remote Gain adjustment. Musicians often have much more energy during performance than during sound check, so it's often necessary to turn down the gain well into a gig. This cannot be done remotely. I have to return to the stage to adjust gain. And as others have noted, it is also not possible to store Gain settings for different bands.

A couple of other minor complaints, but not as important as the Gain issue:

Inadequate Compressor user interface. The compressor itself seems to work well, but the static display (e.g no "bouncing ball") does not provide sufficient feedback to make real-time adjustments. The static display does show attack/release time, which is nice but not terribly useful during a performance. A dynamic compression meter does exist, but there are no db markings to show how much compression is occurring. Ideally I could just listen closely to hear the effects of compression, but noisy nightclub environments make this difficult.

Internal Router. I've also found the internal wireless access point to be weak, but the problem is easily solved with a small external router. I use a TP-Link Nano Router (about 2 inches square). I just plug it into the wall and set it next to the Touchmix, which auto-connects wirelessly. The Nano router fits in the Touchmix case and improves range dramatically.

All this said, the Touchmix is a very nice portable mixer. I sometimes use a Midas MR16 rackmount mixer (also highly recommended), but during initial setup I really miss the on-board display of the Touchmix. If QSC could improve the Gain design, I would buy another in a heartbeat.

Steve M Smith:

--- Quote from: Bradford "BJ" James on February 16, 2018, 07:17:12 PM ---It was easy enough to hook up an external router too.
--- End quote ---

I was going to ask if that was a possibility.


Chris Grimshaw:
It's pretty easy.
Set up your external router, tell the TouchMix desk to scan for WiFi networks. Find the one you want, enter password and you're done. Anything connected to that network can then find the desk if it's running the app.


Stephen Klunk:
Iíve been using a TouchMix 16 for a few years now. I really like it. However, itís starting to give me trouble.

A few gigs ago, I lost about 10 dB on the left main out. I run my system in stereo, so this a serious problem, not to mention that it shouldnít have happened in the first place.

I called QSC support, and they asked me if Iíd ever piggybacked onto another console with it, saying that if the phantom power was on in the other mixer, it could have damaged the captors on the Touchmixís main outs. Well, Iíve never done that. This mixer has been only been used in stand alone situations, furthermore, itís hardly been used at all: Iíd say less than 10 times per year.

So, Iíve got to bring it to a service / repair place and pay $. Itís out of warranty, but I really doubt if Iíve got 20 gigs total on this mixer yet. Itís never been roughed up. It actually stays in my bedroom between gigs.

Iíve come up with a workaround, and that is to reroute to my aux 1 and 2, so I can still mix my shows in stereo. It gets the job done, but it requires extra pages to sift through to do a mix. Thankfully, my mixes are very simple, and thereís no monitoring involved.

Still, Iím sure that the same thing is eventually going to happen with my aux outputs. So when this thing gets repaired, I hope they replace ALL the caps on ALL the outputs.

Also, when I reported this malfunction to QSC Support, the person on the other end didnít seem surprised. I didnít push the issue, but I wouldnít be surprised if Iím not the only one with this problem.

Iíve also started to have trouble with the TouchMixís recording function:

Every once in awhile, I get noise artifacts. Like clicks or ticks that I know didnít happen in the room that I was recording in. And, on my last recording, I got terrible distortion on just one syllable in the lead vocal track. I was able to hide it in the mix with the backup singers, but I donít have to tell you that this is no good. I talked about it with the owner of Horizon Studios here in Connecticut, and he says it might be a clocking issue. So Iím now very nervous about this mixer trashing a future recording and loosing me a bunch of money. Not to mention my reputation.

Otherwise, I love what this mixer does for me, but right now I donít trust it. Yes itís over 2 years old, but Iím seeing problems that I shouldnít see on a 10 year old mixer.

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: studioSteve on June 02, 2019, 03:35:18 PM ---Iíve been using a TouchMix 16 for a few years
--- End quote ---

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