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Author Topic: Electro Voice Roadshow in Houston 10/21/2014  (Read 5715 times)

Canute J. Chiverton

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Electro Voice Roadshow in Houston 10/21/2014
« on: October 23, 2014, 07:17:33 PM »

Ok Lads,
I am going to try and share some of the things I learned Tuesday at the Electro Voice Roadshow. Information shared here are based on Demos and answers to questions given by the Field Engineers present at the Show. I will create an individual Thread for each Topic so that posts do not get mixed up on the issues.
Enter the ETX Series

Some points.
Manufacture - All Drivers are designed and manufactured by EV. No Off the shelf parts are used.
Technology - Internal Processing is the same as the one used in the Touring Systems the Touring X Line Series X1 and X2 and the Tour X Series. All the X series employ the same Internal Processing to some measure
Equalization: There is a limited amount of flexibility within the Internal Settings for EQ but External EQ will give you far more control for the different environments you may encounter
Durability, the Exterior Finish is the same as on their Touring Grade Units.

Pairing (It is recommended that you pair speakers in the same series) The result when mixing The ETX top or Subs with other Brands would not be optimum as was designed to be.

The Tops 10,12 and 15 work best when properly paired with the appropriate Subs.
For Example, if the Room Size is so large or the SPL requirement is such that you have to use two of the ETX 18SP Subs, then you really should be pairing them with the ETX 15P Tops. The ETX 10P would not be the ideal choice.
breakdown goes like this>
2 x ETX 10P + 1 ETX 15SP Sub or 2 ETX 15SP Subs
2 x ETX 12P + 2 ETX 15SP Subs or 1 ETX 18SP Sub or 2 ETX 18SP Sub
2 x ETX 15P + 2 ETX 18SP Subs or 4 ETX 15SP Subs or 4 ETX 18SP Subs

Separation/Distance apart: (I did ask about this.) Placing the Speakers on each side of an 8' table or on each side of a Facade is not the recommended Placement or any pair/size. 20' apart as a minimum will greatly enhance the sound, especially when the operating Mode is stereo. Tops should be at head level.

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Electro Voice Roadshow in Houston 10/21/2014
« on: October 23, 2014, 07:17:33 PM »

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