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Author Topic: 1970 suit case powered mixer  (Read 22671 times)

claude cascioli

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Re: 1970 suit case powered mixer
« Reply #40 on: July 29, 2015, 05:54:53 pm »

its not the gear only .it the person running it. today i see a lot quote un quote sound companies i happen to have still an old university 6 input pa head it was actually and altec university was owned by altec and university sound was their commercial sound division marketing to sound contractors. its still a great sounding head. but today its seems that small sound companies don't have a clue what real gear is or what even sound good. they go on line buy some powered speakers a mixer and mics and say there a sound company. i started my company in 1974 with a 2 homebuilt speaker columns a radio shack mixer and a fisher stereo tube amp a 4 realistic mics. it did ok for my high school jazz band and few speaking jobs. and a year later i brought a vocal master amd 4 shure 588 hi z mics.and just beford the bicentennial in 76 i brought 2 bogen 100 watt amps and 6 atlas horns and i still use those horns its was not until 1978 when i built my first band pa and that was 2 community frc low freq horns and 2 community radial horns a bgw 250 amp and a tapco mixer. two years later we supplied the sound for the new york city marathon. so you need to start somewhere like all of us in the business. today i still use the turbosound tms 4 i brought in 1988 and they still sound great. i did rebuild them in 2012 

Stephen Kirby

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Re: 1970 suit case powered mixer
« Reply #41 on: July 30, 2015, 05:51:03 pm »

  This was the gear of my late youth though I was a Bob Carver fan from the PL400 days. 

Ah, the good old Phlame Linear 400.  Horrid sounding amp compared to the 700.  Harsh and brittle.  The band I played with in the late 70s had one in their PA.  The saving grace in that was the mixer was a tube thing that a buddy of theirs made and the mains were cabs with a pair of D130s, a slot tweeter and these big radial horns that he'd cast out of concrete.  Which weighed around 250lbs each but didn't have that metallic ring of the JBLs he took a form off of.  He made several sets of thinner ones and did a lot of the HIC arena rock concerts with them but even those were heavy.  Last thing I remember he made up a 5way system with 2 10s, 4  5 1/4s, a couple of slots and a couple of bullets.  Sitting on top of a W bin with a D140 in it.  I saw George Benson in the arena with 2 of those stacks per side and it was the warmest and most natural live sound I'd ever heard.  I saw some other shows where he had 3 per side and thought the extra volume wasn't necessary.  You can only load up a basketball (nobody plays hockey in Hawaii) arena with so much noise before you hit the point of diminishing returns.  That was about the magic point.
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