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A&H QU-16 + ME-1 Monitoring with POE Hub


Michael Kim:
Tried to do a lot of research before choosing the cabling I went with--I think it came out quite nicely:

Gepco CT504HD Cat5e Cable: (can be purchased by foot)
Sentinel Modular RJ45 jack cable terminators:
Neutrik Ethercon connector addition:

Trendnet TP-LINK TL-SG1008PE 8-Port PoE Gigabit Router:

The PoE unit powers 5 ME-1's for me remotely--it's one of the few units that I've found that doesn't have 4 PoE ports and 4 non-powered ports (so frustrating). It's not the most heavy duty piece of equipment I've seen, but it's simple, plug-and-play, and comes with rack mounting brackets. The downside is that it uses regular rj45 connectors as opposed to the more heavy duty Ethercon. I thought that was worth the 89% discount compared to the ME-U though...

Regarding the cables, I went with an unshielded, stranded, lightly ruggedized cable with an internal silicone sleeve. The sleeve holds the twists in place and makes the cable bulkier. It's not shielded, but none of my cables from my PoE unit is >50ft, with the cable from my Qu-16 totally 100ft. It was a GIANT PAIN to terminate without modular jacks, so definitely pay the extra .10 per jack or whatever and save yourself a lot of time.


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