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Author Topic: Speaker Placement Approach for sports complex  (Read 1842 times)

Cailen Waddell

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Speaker Placement Approach for sports complex
« on: March 12, 2014, 10:10:33 am »

Hi all,

4 field softball complex.  You can view it here:,+Apex,+NC&aq=0&oq=middle+creek+sof&sll=35.770436,-78.830308&sspn=0.522019,1.056747&vpsrc=6&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=Middle+Creek+Softball+Fields,+Apex,+NC&ll=35.667373,-78.762982&spn=0.005775,0.008256&z=18&iwloc=A&cid=15816722727301953307

Currently, amps and processing in the central tower with an announcer for each field.  Speakers on the lightpoles directly behind the dugouts pointed at each set of bleachers.

System is due for replacement due to a direct lightning hit.  We are a municipality, and can certainly hire out this work if needed - although myself and some of my staff are well qualified to handle the install, with the exception of the electrical, and running of low voltage conduit, which I can always have town electricians do....

Anyway - the question.  Speaker location thoughts, concepts?  I'm not looking for specific recommendations of equipment, more pro's and con's of different approaches.  The system is used independently to commentate the game on each field, however games do all start at the same time, and one national anthem is run for all four fields...  Regardless, right now there is a fair amount of bleed between fields, and the people on the field can not hear very well, resulting in 'not enough rig for the gig' syndrome, and the system being turned too loud.

Options I see:
  • Leave speakers where they are
  • More, smaller spekaers, high up, pointed directly down at each bleacher area mounted to back of fence
  • Large speakers mounted on the central tower, with one pointed at each field

Right now there are 4 70v mixer amps, analog.  To give you an idea of where they are starting from, one microphone per field, one shared cd player, and shared emergency weather announce mic.  If we come up with something good, there are 2 other complexes like this that will get a very similar, if not identical installs....

Our initial budget will be limited by the insurance payout.  The system is insured for replacement - so I have a quote being generated for replacement equipment, and then thats the budget I will have to work with...  It may be small, and it may be we may not be able to solve the problems, and while thats not preferable, I have learned that at least in the municiaplity, the budget is the budget, and you only get so many times in a lifetime to ask for more to supplement (and justify with number of participants in programs, as well as potential cost savings in time/labor/energy, etc).  This is not a project I want to 'waste' one of those chances on.

Thanks for everyone's advice and guidance in advance.

Joseph D. Macry

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Re: Speaker Placement Approach for sports complex
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2014, 01:45:05 pm »

My typical ballfield solution is Community R.5s on the poles, pointing down at bleachers (one per side. These would need some mid-powered low-Z amps, not the 70V versions. Yes there will still be some bleed between fields. If your current speakers are on the poles, you already have a cable path, but you might want heavier speaker cable (12awg with PVC jacket for weatherizing) than is typically used for 70V speakers.
I rarely worry about how well they hear on the field, as the players do not need to hear the play-by-play. They will surely hear when the National Anthem plays, so they can stop warming up and face the flag. Of course, they need to hear emergency announcements. If on-field intelligibility is important, then the poles may need speakers for bleachers AND the fields (which impacts budget heavily).
It is good to not have individual music inputs, as the bleed would be more annoying.
Joseph Macry,
Austin, TX

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Re: Speaker Placement Approach for sports complex
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2014, 01:45:05 pm »

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