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Honda Gen and iTech 8000 settings

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Tim McCulloch:

--- Quote from: Doug Johnson on December 01, 2013, 01:32:38 PM ---I would use both, if you set the Rms limiter at around the program rating of your boxes and the peak limiter to keep you out of clip, you should be fine with your power draw.  I would recommend trying it out before the gig.  I have a friend with 2 it8000s and one of them does not like to run on a generator at all.  The other is fine.

--- End quote ---

If you set the RMS limiters to that value, you'll *never* have limiting from them.  While I can't divulge the exact settings I developed (work done for hire) I can say that the power threshold is well under rated power.

In JBL's VerTec presets they do not use the RMS limiters at all, only peak voltage limiters.

TJ (Tom) Cornish:

--- Quote from: Tracy Garner on December 01, 2013, 09:12:29 AM ---
This is pretty helpful info. I looked around for other threads to try to get some insight.

On the iTech outputs, would you suggest RMS limit? Voltage limit? I usually run these things at factory default but it seems like there is some opportunity to use the limiters in this setup.

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I have not played much with the limiters, as I am using manufacturer presets, but I suspect Tim is correct.  "Program" power has a significant crest factor built-in relative to true "RMS" power, so the speakers operating at "program" (whatever that means), will have an RMS power much lower - possibly as low as 100-200 watts.  This is actually a lot of energy if you think about it - a 150w Halogen light bulb can get to 700-800.

This is one of those scenarios that trying to calculate everything will be much harder than measuring it or just trying it.  I would start with clip limiters, and if you get in trouble, back them off 3dB. 


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