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Author Topic: Wharfdale EQ specifies balanced w/ ground disconnected on one connector?!?!  (Read 9656 times)

Art Welter

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Wait a sec, on second thought after reading what I just wrote I think the EQ was designed for connecting to mixer inserts ... on the insert cable, the shield is only connected to the mixer - the in/out leg is unbalanced. I don't need to use the Ebtech!!!! eureka!
Correct, you don't need the Ebtech if lifting a shield eliminates a noise problem with your Wharfdale.

That said, I bought my first Ebtechs to be able to use Rane DDLs on inserts, they would hum or buzz in most uses regardless of pin 1 termination, transformer isolation was the only solution.

Rich Barrett

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I'm new to professional audio and all the technical intricacies that comes with it - that said I just bought a used Wharfdale WPG-331 graphic eq to pull down some specific frequencies on my nasally sounding voice. I do a talk show podcast.

That said, the manual specifies the BEST way to connect inputs and outputs to the unit is to make a TRS cable BUT leave the shield / ground disconnected on the Wharfdale input side. On the output you do the opposite; leave the ground disconnected on the side that plugs into whatever device the Wharfdale is outputting to. (the XLR outs get the same treatment)

They go on to say if you hear line hum go ahead and connect the shield / grounds.

This makes no sense to me as I thought the 3 conductor balanced cable was by design the way to reduce / eliminate line noise by equalizing all unwanted potentials? Is this method unique or pretty normal when connecting professional audio gear such as eq's?


Scott from Ebtech says it'll be fine to use normal XLR / TRS cable.
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