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50amp outlets

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Steve M Smith:
In houses here in the UK you will only find one outlet now and that is the standard 13A socket.  I was surprised to see an outlet for an electric oven in the diagram.  These are always hard wired into their own isolating switch with its own connection back to the consumer unit.

In industrial and entertainment premises, there are standard 16A and 63A sockets.


Jonathan Johnson:

--- Quote from: Rob Spence on September 19, 2013, 02:18:24 PM ---My electric range came with a 10-50P on it. I had the cord set replaced before I could use it.

--- End quote ---

When I moved into my current home, the range receptacle was a 10-50R and the clothes dryer was a 10-30R. Rather than replace the cords on the range & dryer (what most people would probably do) I replaced the receptacles for 14-50R and 14-30R, respectively. Safer that way.

John Moore:
We will not do an event if the power is not correct, and no ground is a deal breaker. Liability issues and best practices along with sticking to what is right will hopefully prevent and major issue with someone getting shocked, equipment destroyed or damaged. For us it is the right way or no way...

Jonathan Johnson:
Tech riders and service contracts should specify the power needs, including the connection the venue shall provide. Failure to provide the requested power should allow you to be released from the agreement, possibly with payment. There should also be a clause that you will not plug in if the power supply is unsafe.

Any wiring that is not in compliance with electrical codes and best practices can be considered unsafe.

This isn't about providing a good show, or about protecting your equipment. It is a life safety issue for you, the performers, the patrons, and anyone else in the vicinity.

Jonathan Johnson:

--- Quote from: Jonathan Johnson on September 19, 2013, 05:42:36 PM ---Tech riders and service contracts should specify the power needs, including the connection the venue shall provide.

--- End quote ---

Some sample text (I am not a lawyer): "(We) reserve the right to have electrical service inspected by a licensed electrician or certified inspector of our choice prior to connection of equipment. Any deficiencies identified during inspection shall be rectified prior to connection."


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