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Vocal microphones

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Mark G. Hinge:
I play bass, provide/mix on-stage, presently a brand-new project still rehearsing.

Heil PR35 works best imho for my thin voice.

For one guy I provide a Sure WH30 condenser headset mic for when he's behind the keys, and an SM-58 on the stand (it's just what I have, and he thinks they're the standard).

SM58 also for the drummer who tries to sing some backups (I'm going to have to limit his vox to his own monitor).

Other guy is switching around with his own stuff for now, just pulled out his Sure 55... that didn't work in his past bands, but I guess he's going to give it another shot here, lol.

Chris Grimshaw:
A pleasant surprise for me recently has been using a Sennheiser e965 for singing drummers. There's bleed there, of course, but it sounds good enough that you can use it to build the drum sound.



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