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Author Topic: Best Kick Drum Mic?  (Read 133310 times)

Adam Tews

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Re: Best Kick Drum Mic?
« Reply #230 on: March 26, 2020, 05:36:50 pm »

I signed up just so I could chime in on this one!  :-D

If your drummer is good -- which means he bought good drums, keeps the heads fresh, and knows how to tune them -- your job will be easy.  I've been fortunate to work often with just such a drummer.  I get brilliant sound quality from an RE20.  I typically scoop out 350 Hz, put a narrow boost (bell, not shelf) somewhere between 48-60 Hz depending on the tuning of the drum, and then a bit of a boost around 2-5k for attack (depending on the sound I'm going for).

Playing around with a Sennheiser e945, I found that bumping the front of it with my hand produced a thunderous output from the subs...  I'm really curious to try it on bass drum now! 

If you want that kick in the chest from your kick drum, you don't want subsonic lows.  Center your boost between 50-60 Hz and keep it narrow.  Frequencies below that muddy everything up.  Let the tonal bass instruments go that low.  Perhaps a floor tom for effect if you/the performer want that.  I think sub-kick type devices are silly.  I've never needed one to get a punchy bass drum.  If I'm doing a recording session where I want some subsonics, I'll put an AT4047 in front of the reso head and high-cut it wherever it sounds good and doesn't pick up too much bleed.

I know one live sound engineer who mics a kick with an SM57 and makes it sound good on the PA.  The RE20 is a heavy mic and can be kind of a PITA to work with...  But it sounds so darn good!  It's not plug-and-play, though, so if you're looking for that you'll need one of the aforementioned dedicated kick mics (D6, B52, D112, Senn 902/602).

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Re: Best Kick Drum Mic?
« Reply #230 on: March 26, 2020, 05:36:50 pm »

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