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RCF Sub 8004-AS ????

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Matt Vivlamore:
Is the 8004 shipping yet?  I saw it was a new release.

I am looking at the 8004 next year as a potential candidate to replace my SRX718s (moving to all powered, and the VRX918SP is on the radar as well).  I do like the versatility of the sub and it works as a stacking base for the HDL10A, HDL20A or NX23A tops.

Joe Hinkens:

--- Quote from: Rick Alan on August 29, 2013, 11:37:36 PM ---Looking for an amazing powered sub for small events.  Does anyone have any experience with this sub.  RCF is saying its the best single 18 they have ever made.

--- End quote ---
Hi Rick,
I recently purchased a pair of the RCF 8004 AS subs. I love them and there's a lot to love.  We have them sitting under a pair of Fulcrum Acoustic FA28ac tops and they're being fed by an Allen & Heath GLD80 desk. We're a local, working rock band, small venues up to 400 people or so. Please keep in mind my comments are as a weekend warrior, club musician. I don't have the technical knowledge that many here on this forum possess.  I don't have miles and miles of experience with different subs either, but I've tried a couple of the active Mackie subs along with a few others. For the past couple years we've been running QSC KSubs or QSC KW181's. I thought the QSC's sounded great but we weren't getting quite the punch we were looking for with our drum rig.

I got interested in the RCF 8004's when I read about them. I found that the folks at RCF were extremely helpful before and after the sale. Customer service is high on their priority list.

We rehearsed a couple times with the 8004's and then hit the street with them. We've played two live gigs over the past two weekends and couldn't be more pleased.  The sound quality is much better than what we experienced with our previous setup. I should note that the Fulcrums are incredible tops but the recent addition of the 8004's really complimented the Fulcrums nicely.  We immediately noticed an increase in definition, clarity, and punch but still retaining a very musical characteristic. The 8004's can really move some air but even at lower volumes, they are fat, full, and clean. When they are cranked up, they just retain the same characteristics. They don't get muddy, they just get bigger!

All the other band members heard the difference immediately. The drummer commented that they just sound more 'real'. We had tons of other positive comments from audience members, some who have heard us before and others who had not.  They were all very impressed with the sound quality.

The other thing I think is worth mentioning is the physical handling of these boxes. At first glance, I thought "man these things are big". They tip the scales at about 112 lbs as I recall. We purchased the optional casters which are really nice casters. RCF has intelligently positioned the casters at the perfect tipping point that makes standing them up a breeze, very well balanced. So we were pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to maneuver, load, and setup. Build quality looks superb.

I might suggest you talk to others who have heard these things. That's what I did, and every person I came in contact with had nothing but praise. Add me to that list. :-)

John Chiara:
What is the price of this?

Joe Hinkens:

--- Quote from: John Chiara on November 04, 2013, 02:01:35 PM ---What is the price of this?

--- End quote ---
Give Mike from a call.  He can get you a good price.

Greetings everybody,
This is John Krupa, Director of Sales from RCF in the USA.  I am very sorry to interject into this conversation.  I was asked to join and I promise to be brief.  I love the independent voices expressed on ProSoundWeb and I do have to say that we believe there are many outstanding products in the marketplace and "to each their own".  I just wanted to correct some things:  The Sub8004a (and the vast majority of our products) use proprietary drivers that were designed SPECIFICALLY for that product.  Those drivers have no SKU# you'd recognize and they are not available for resale (they are only available through an authorized service center for replacement).  As you all know, a transducer will performs differently in cabinets with different dimensions, etc., therefore, we take the extra step of designing drivers specific to the task at hand.  We've been building transducers since 1949, it's what we do! To prove what I'm saying, I will take some pics of our team of technicians disassembling a Sub8004as just for you and a pic of the driver.

If anyone has further questions about product specifications, please give us a call.  Please continue with your great conversation and pardon the interruption.  Hey... and, thanks for the kind words!  It's really great to read your posts!  We are sincerely glad to have partners like you!


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