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Heil Sound - Bobby Pridden, Bob Heil, The Who


Doug Fowler:
The first major road system comprised of the front loaded  bass bins that I got from the Fox when they replaced them. We  augmented with some of our own front loaded dual 12" bins.  You will note there are 5 of the metal  90 degree JBL horns as well as two  of our very first 60 degree fiberglass horns that came from our own fiberglass facility. There were 12  JBL 2405 bullet tweeters.  This was powered by  Crown/Heil power amps and the Langevin mixer.

Great picture (just wish it was better resolution) of Bobby Pridden....FOH for the WHO at the MRF.  This was that very first leg of the Who's Next Tour and good views of the Sunn speakers stacks and the fiberglass horns which we built for Sunn.


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