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Yamaha CL series

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Doug Fowler:
CL solutions here.

Cailen Waddell:

200' to two daisy chained 16 channel rio stage boxes.

Riley Casey:
A single CL5 console with :
two Netgear GS110TP Ethernet Switches each loaded with a single TRENDnet Mini-GBIC Multi-Mode SX Fiber Module in the doghouse
two Netgear switches at the stage for a pair of RIO 3224s all run in redundant mode. 
two Whirlwind Fiber Optic multimode cables with OpticalCon Duo connectors on reels. 
Back up cable is a 100 Meter Fiber, Multimode 50/125,  LC to LC connectors from Ebay because hey it costs $80 and weighs ten lbs ON A REEL! 
328 ft six pair copper fan to fan snake for comm and utility. 

Still working on a tidy in-doghouse interface and mounting for the switches ( better than velcro  that is ) and OpticalCon connectors but it sure is nicer than the 500 lbs of Ramlatch 54 + 12 + AC that it replaces.  The switches are 'recommended' by Audinate but do require line lumps with those cheesy consumer DC input connectors.  Small UPS at FOH and in the RIO rack for power dropout survival.

Have to make the whole set up a little more mix and match for use with the 5D and LS9s as  I have  Dante MY cards for those consoles but not implemented as yet.

NB - Choice of fiber was the option of running substantially longer runs when needed, the option of running the console on local power ( no copper connection to stage boxes ) and not insignificant a large rental house nearby stocks the same Opticalcon equipped multimode fiber.

Scott Helmke:
We've done a few multi-CL-console setups with the ProPlex PPGBS010R switches from TMB - it's a Cisco switch inside, but ProPlex boxes it up nice with Ethercon connectors and Powercon for the AC inlet. Only complaint is that they are a deep single rack space, and don't fit in a lot of our racks. These particular models can be upgraded to fiber fairly easily, but we haven't yet needed to do so.

Generally we have ProCo DuraCat cables, ruggedized Cat5e and Cat6 with Ethercon ends. Also there's a big 4 channel Cat5e cable made of Gepco CTS4504HDX which we bought as 300' for a rental, thinking to cut it down into shorter segments later. But even 300' isn't much hassle to deal with, so it's stayed at that length.  It's fairly thick, almost an inch in diameter, but very light in weight.

Also a bunch of short Cat5e patch cables in different colors, to make it easy to keep track of separate primary/secondary networks within a rack.

BTW, any setup with more than one CL console should have all of the consoles' word clock changed from Internal to Dante, otherwise they'll try to force their own clock on the Dante network. With one console that's OK, with two there will be all sorts of problems that seem to have nothing to do with the clocking.

Scott Helmke:
I use a Black Box TS580A "LAN Performance Verifier" to test and verify category performance of all the Ethernet cables we use for digital audio.  At $535USD it's a cheap necessity.


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