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Sound Reinforcement Reading List

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Mac Kerr:
I know this topic comes up all the time, and I think it would be good to have a list that was easy to find. Here are a few that come up often, and a new entry that is attractively priced:

New: Sound Design Live by Nathan Lively.

Often Recommended: Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook

The bible of technical information in sound system design, Don Davis's Sound System Engineering

Not about live sound, but still a good book, Bruce Bartlett's Practical Recording Techniques

Anyone with more suggestions, please add them.


Jonathan Johnson:
Some books on electrical wiring might be a good idea. Maybe someone can suggest some reading material on rigging. Not so that we'd all become electrical wiring or rigging experts, but so that we would be able to recognize safe vs. unsafe practices. (And so those who absolutely insist on doing it themselves might at least get close to doing it right.)

I haven't read this book, but others have recommended it: Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician by Richard Cadena

I have an old version of this book. Covers general-purpose electrical wiring. Easy to read and understand; written for the North American market and based on the National Electrical Code: Practical Electrical Wiring by Richter & Hartwell

And a "Reader's Digest condensed" version of the above: Wiring Simplified, by Richter, Schwan, & Hartwell

Lastly, consider that since the National Electrical Code is revised every three years, electrical wiring methods and materials can and do change over time. Old versions of electrical books should be avoided because they may present methods and materials that are no longer acceptable.

Merlijn van Veen:
Sound Systems: Design and Optimization by Bob "606" McCarthy

Mixing with your mind by Michael Stavrou

Darin Ulmer:
Audio Made Easy

An excellent book for beginners.  Easy to read and understand.  I include it with any new sound system installation.

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: Mac Kerr on July 26, 2013, 02:24:54 PM ---I know this topic comes up all the time, and I think it would be good to have a list that was easy to find.

--- End quote ---

Here is a link to an article by Pat Brown of Syn Aud Con about amplifier specs. It goes beyond the title, and is clear and concise about a misunderstood topic.


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