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Author Topic: gx vs rmx series for srx718s subs  (Read 8861 times)

Tim McCulloch

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Re: gx vs rmx series for srx718s subs
« Reply #10 on: November 13, 2013, 12:12:14 pm »

Thanks, Bill
The rmx2450 do seem decent(1500@8ohm) - just not sure if is the rmx2450's fault - I have the feeling I may need 2 more srx718's or a single srx728- I have heard the newer generation of XTI's do a better job on the subs-Also the internal DSP on the XTI's should be able to match the srx718's as well- I am running my system with a beringer dsx2496 speaker management- and am seriously jonesing for the DBX DR260- so I can have the proper settings on my srx's. 

on paper the rmx2450's do the job for 1 per cab 718 - I am not a power amp expert but I have heard something about voltage swings on the rmx, 4050, 5050, Crest style amps (heavy iron) are better suited for sub duty.  I still want to test my system with some I-tech's and the DR260 ( one can dream) 

PS - score on the srx712's- those are hard to find- i've been wanting some of those for monitors - I may have to bite the bullet and get the stx812's - and then have to buy another power amp- Zoichs

There is a rumour going around that JBL is planning another run of SRX712m.  Not sure how big the run is supposed to be...

Kind of like the SRX728... they are out of the catalog for over a year and show as a legacy product on, but I just unpacked 4 brand new units last week.  I suspect either that JBL has consolidated unsold dealer inventory or that the majik elves "found" more in the factory corners...  I'm betting on the latter as the shipping cartons only had 1 address label. ;)
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Re: gx vs rmx series for srx718s subs
« Reply #10 on: November 13, 2013, 12:12:14 pm »

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