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Author Topic: $1500... what LED lights to buy?  (Read 10922 times)

Randall Hyde

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Re: $1500... what LED lights to buy?
« Reply #10 on: July 12, 2013, 06:54:20 PM »

What is the issue? I've been running wicicle enabled Q12As for a while and have had no problems. You ARE supposed to use cables that don't connect the shield to the shell. I do like plugging in the wicicle without needing a wall wart.
I've blown up six of them so far...

"You ARE supposed to use cables that don't connect the shield to the shell."
Hard to enforce when you've got a huge number of other fixtures and "DMX" cables from all walks of life (e.g., some mic cables). Need to be careful about connecting non-wicicle fixtures together, too.

I have managed to blow up one Fab 5 by plugging a (Blizzard-branded) DMX cable into the fixture while the power was applied (nothing on the other end of the cable). After that incident, I began clipping the wire.

FWIW, I've given up trying to use the wicicles. After two disastrous shows using them, I'm dumping them. Had lots of luck with the Blizzard Lightcaster wireless modules, but it really isn't that much more effort to wire up my lights (and I've literally lost about 12 hours debugging wireless problems at this point -- there's no savings in using the wireless for me).

I did have the blue LEDs die on one of my FAB 5 fixtures on July 4th. I'm starting to take a "wait and see" attitude with respect to recommending Fab 5 fixtures at this point. I have 50 of them, which is probably why I see more than my share of problems, but still...
Randy Hyde


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Re: $1500... what LED lights to buy?
« Reply #11 on: July 22, 2013, 02:13:46 PM »

I am going to have roughly $1500 spend and change-out/update my Lighting Rig. I have an idea of what I am looking at, but I want to hear what your suggestions would be.
Here are some notes:
 - I am lighting up a 6-10 piece wedding/corporate party band. Some of the band members do have a darker skin tones.
 - Stages are generally 20’-24’ in width, but sometimes have been up to 40’ in width. Typical stage depth is 16’ but it can range anywhere from 8’-30’.
 - Performances are usually in Hotel Ballroom and most of the hotels have a strict “NO Fog or Haze” policy.
 - I do use the Amber led light to brighten up the faces.
- The Lighting stands can put the overhead lights up to 10'-12' in the air.
- Lights are you be purchased through a USA dealer/rep.
- Old light rig is being sold
Current rig consist of:
 AmericanDJ MyDMX (original) as the DMX controller
 4: 36x 1watt RGBAW Par575 lights; 25 degree beam angle, Red:6 Green:8 Blue:8 Amber:6 White:8
 2: 60x 1watt RGBAW strip lights; 25 degree beam angle, 12 LEDs on each color
Set-Up: I have 2 LED Par575 lights on lighting tree (prewired) that sits on each side of the stage beside the speaker stacks. The LED bars are then lying across the ground to wash the stage as well. The Pars are aimed head level, while the Bars cover the lower portion of the members.

Which lights have you got? This was plenty of money... If you have got some serious lights I would love to get them with such huge investment.. hope you post some suitable reply
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Re: $1500... what LED lights to buy?
« Reply #11 on: July 22, 2013, 02:13:46 PM »

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