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Cheap durable mic stands

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John Lackner:

--- Quote from: Scott Holtzman on November 30, 2014, 09:20:57 PM ---The most acceptable $50.00 stand I have found is the On Stage 9700 series.  They have three models, a telescoping boom, standard boom and sans boom.

They have some real weight to them,  some type of pneumatic damping on retraction, a metal cast base and a nice oversize lock nut.

--- End quote ---
I have had some 9700 series stands and they are a good choice. They also have a counerbalance on the arm. But the lower level OSS stands are junk.

Steve Garris:
Does anyone know why this K&M boom is not for sale in the US?

Geert Friedhof:

--- Quote from: Steve Garris on December 08, 2019, 08:05:57 PM ---Does anyone know why this K&M boom is not for sale in the US?

--- End quote ---
Maybe they don't want those cheap durable mic stand customers... ;)

k&m aint cheap, but very reliable. I think the boom is a spare part, about $20-25.


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