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Paper on power grounding for audio and video systems

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Kevin Graf:
Jim Brown has a newer international version of the paper along with about 60 other interesting papers and powerPoints at his site.
"Power and Grounding for Audio and Video Systems"
'A White Paper for the Real World – International Version'
Jim Brown
Audio Systems Group, Inc.

Considerable confusion seems to surround power and grounding for audio and audio/
video systems. This “White Paper” is an attempt to cut through the confusion and
set out a collection of good engineering practice that is both safe and effective while not
requiring specialized or costly measures to avoid hum, buzz, noise, or RF interference.
The author believes that the recommendations and practices outlined herein are safe,
and that they conform to building codes in most of the world.

Jon Arrigo:
Jensen put together a great book also years back . Its could be hard to find these days, but is about the size of a phone book for a big city . Packed full of information on grounding,shielding , transformers , power related issues . I found it to be one of the most useful pieces ever . my 2 cents worth

Kevin Graf:
While on the subject of Jensen Transformers & Bill Whitlock.  He just did an Audio/Video seminar that only available for a few more days. It is a large file, and the link will expire on June 11.

Bill Whitlock Presenting “Effective Audio Grounding Design” In Chicagoland

Scott Harris:
Updated link:

Kevin Graf:

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The International version of the above paper (about 6 pages longer) is available at:

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While other Surgex white papers are at:


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