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Author Topic: Would you buy an LS9?  (Read 13703 times)

Steve Kas

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Re: Would you buy an LS9?
« Reply #50 on: February 11, 2013, 07:16:52 am »

Disclaimer: My sound company now provides audio/lighting for "wedding band" banquet functions ($600- 1000/night). 600 bucks gets them audio (see below) and 2 x 7' vertical truss (uplit and socked) w/ 2 moving heads and 20 x Par 64 - no mics, pinning, or engineering. Yeah, we do alot of business. :) We have a full compliment of mics/DI's, etc..But, most acts carry their own. We always carry a   stash of Beta 58's and a couple of decent kick mics (Beta 52, Audix D), if needed.

In the past, we have provided audio for national acts, etc.. We still own analog Midas XL3, A&H GL3200, and a Yamaha PM3K w/ efx/dynamics racks that we are trying to rid of!! Though, some FOH/monitor guys prefer them over our digital desks (analogs desk w/ efx/dynamics racks are still making $ with an upcharge of 3-500 bucks). Some won't even use our PM 5D for the same price! Hmm?:

We're 2 months into our X32 w/ roadcase/doghouse (15 events), 3x 12 channel 25' snakes (all fit in my custom made DH!!) and very happy! X32 lives SL or SR w/ distro panel, if needed (all powered speakers w/ siamese IEC/XLR to mains-  8 EV-ELX-12P's, 4 Yorky LS-80-P's and 8 EV- ELX-12Ps for monttors w/ a Yorky LS-80P for drum/SF monitor. Our distro hasn't been needed because the venues provided dedicated 2 x 110V/20A. Subs went off 1 circuit and tops/monitors off the other.  Lots of thump and no problems thus far! We use the X32's "XControl" for windows (Free!) on a laptop at FOH (full functionality)! Yes, a laptop at FOH with a router.

Though our rider requires sound check call > 1 hour of doors- artist's monitoring may have to be adjusted during the performance. Solution: We always have a tech (the guy who helps load in/set-up- but we also train to handle simple issues like ears, stage mishaps, etc..) Albeit, we can't train our stagehands to eliminate a ring/feedback on the spot, troubleshoot system issues, adjust dynamics, etc... They will learn after many years of engineering audio, like many of us did, eventually. But, If you can't afford a tech, then worst case scenario, walk 100' to the X32 and fix the problem. 

I have not drove an LS9. But, I have mixed on several M7's at different venues (HOB, etc..).  IMHO, I will generally compare X32 vs M7. This review is not a reflection on the PM5-D. Different animal and price point.

The M7 has more functionality than the X32 regarding "EQ racks", etc.. Routing is much more difficult on the X32. Also, though I have never carried the M7, it seems like a more durable desk. The X32 seems very "breakable" (fancy word for CHEAP). But, very light weight- even in an ATA roadcase.

The X32, IMHO, has a much warmer sound and headroom than the M7 (and I presume the LS9). I always hated seeing a PM4K, etc.. on the next show's "house PA" (though it was on the TM's rider). I carried our Midas XL-3 for several years on the road, just in case.

EFX, dynamics, etc.. are comparable (live sound). The X32 is much easier to function (from an analog desk user's opinion) . Though, in a studio environment, I might prefer the M7's "cleanliness" for you white gloves. M7's comps are smoother than the X32's. X32 's comps can be harsh, especially with dynamic inputs. M7 has better efx/processing capabilty. M7 is far superior in capability, durability, and functionality. But, the M7's "sound" , ease of use, and price point, compared to the X32, make it unusable in our target market. I'm sure the same is true for the LS9. 
I'll let y'all know when, if ever, this X32 fails on the road. But, so far, she has been good to me and my company (cheap!!! and artist's/guests love her sound)

Sorry that I didn't have anything to say about the LS9 (orignal post). But, I saw a few posts referencing the M7- so I opined about my experience. I hope this helped. No offense to Yamaha desk lovers  Asian and Indian FOH guys love the "Yamaha" sound from the PM5-D and other touring Yamaha desks. Our PM5-D has made alot of $$ :). It's unfortunate that the X32 hasn't been given a chance in the national act market (not needing >32 inputs). Send your post production feed to an SSL/ Neve for broadcast/tape! iMHO


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Re: Would you buy an LS9?
« Reply #50 on: February 11, 2013, 07:16:52 am »

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