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loaded horn systems

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Tim Weaver:
Dang! And I thought the EV stadium horns were something! These guys are BEASTS!

duane massey:
Never got to hear one, but I suspect they were impressive.

Barry Singleton:
One of my friends has a pair in his backyard, no kidding.

Craig Leerman:

--- Quote from: Ivan Beaver on February 09, 2013, 08:20:37 AM ---I remember some Northwest cabinets that had a pair of Gauss 15" in a straight horn-with a 2" Gauss HF on top and for the "sizzle" they had 6 piezo tweeters in a "line array" down the middle of the LF horn.

--- End quote ---

That was the NW2. When Maryland Sound got them, they took the piezos off.   Great sounding box, but a bit large and they didn't array very well.


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