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What was the first live digital console?

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brian maddox:
I'm with Mac in that the DMP-7 was the first digital mixer I ever touched.  Usable live, but only 8 channels.  Still, the motorized faders were COOL. 

I knew the future of mixing was in digital comsoles in the early 90's, although few of my contemporaries seemed ready to embrace it.  in fact, I tried using a Yamaha 02r as a live desk when they came out, although it was certainly not designed to be used live.  If they hadn't doubled up the solo button with the channel mute, I might have kept using it as it was otherwise very usable live.  But having to use the channel on/off to cue something during a show just wigged me out too much.  Used the 03d when it came out as a small live desk as well.  Again, not its primary design function, but it worked.

(As an aside, I'm still using 2 Yamaha 02Rs at my church for Post Production.  pretty old school, but They still work just fine.  Yamaha knows how to build stuff to LAST.)

The PM1D is the first large format digital desk that i know of that was actually designed specifically for live sound use, although Innovason was an early player in the game.  I think their live desk may have come out before the PM1D, but they were pretty scarce in the states so I never saw one.  The Harrison ShowConsole was also in at about that time, but wasn't truly a digital desk. It was digitally controlled analog.

The Soundcraft 328 got used live when they first came out, notably here in the Washington DC area at the Wolf Trap center for the arts .  One catastrophic crash mid show put an end to that experiment.

I'd love to hear from some of our folks from outside the states to see if there were some offerings there that we never saw over here.

Philip Roberts:
I recall reading about a very early digital console used live for the summer theater show in Friedrichshafen Germany.

As I recall from the article I read it was large format (way more than 50 channels) and pretty much a custom job. Possibly TOA but I think it was some one else.

I don't recall the date other that it would have been before '97.

I did a bit of looking but can't re find the article I'm remembering.


John Roberts {JR}:

TOA  ix-9000 was done in 1990 and installed in Vienna National Opera.

I don't recall ever hearing about a second unit.

Yamaha DMP7 has a date of 1986 so was before the TOA, and Yamaha was serious about the category.


The Yamaha DMP was the first digital console that I saw over here, I remember the local Yammi dealer showing them off, they came in 2 flavors -Line level only and also one with  8 mic pre's,  the BBC Radiophonic Workshop had several in operation right up until they closed it.
I remember the 1st Innovason well though I think that was in the mid to late nineties. Roland had some early digital stuff as well but they strapped recorders onto them so you couldn't really use them live. I remember the Sage console showing up in trade magazines and flyers etc don't know if it got anywhere and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Innovason was developed from it. G

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: gordonmcgregor on January 25, 2013, 02:16:46 PM ---I remember the Sage console showing up in trade magazines and flyers etc don't know if it got anywhere and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Innovason was developed from it. G

--- End quote ---

The Sage console I played with looked a lot like the early Innovason IIRC. Does anyone know if it was ever built for sale?



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