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OT: Where are ya from and what else do ya do?

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Rick Powell:

--- Quote from: AllenDeneau on January 15, 2013, 02:27:50 AM ---So 80 miles west, what town? I was about 40 miles SW of Chicago, in Montgomery, just down the road from Dekalb and Upstaging...

Thanks for playing along Rick.

--- End quote ---

Next to Starved Rock State Park, between Ottawa and Utica, but we will be moving this year closer to the city.  I have been to Montgomery and DeKalb a little bit. Montgomery used to be the little town next to the Caterpillar plant, now it sprawls nearly all the way out to Rt 47.  Me and my youngest son do sound/lights for occasional shows for other bands, and all our "business" such as it is, is word of mouth.  There are a few other guys with systems in our area, including Mario Data who is a PSW member and has been building his business and adding to his system.  We throw work each other's way and I agree, I like an atmosphere of collaboration rather than the cut-throat stuff you read about here occasionally.

Samuel Rees:
I'm in Washington D.C., I'm an engineer at a new club downtown called The Hamilton Live and I run small events with my own PA gear. I'm graduating from American University in the spring and I'll be trying to work in audio full time after that. Very glad to be on the forum. I've learned an incredible amount from some really smart people on here. Hopefully I'll be seeing more of you guys in person in the next year!

Jared Koopman:

--- Quote from: AllenDeneau on January 15, 2013, 01:57:37 AM ---
1. Where are you located
2. Is this all you do or do you have other business
3. How'd you get into it

--- End quote ---

1. Loveland, CO (I would love to find someone from this board that is local to me that I could mentor with)

2. My day job I am a sales admin for IBM. I do not work for or own a sound business (though I would like to). My experience in sound is serving at Churches, and therefore limited experience. Everyday I try to learn something new and I love being a part of this forum as well as others.

3. When I was 14 a friend of mine needed help loading his drum kit for gigs. I started helping do that and eventually started mixing for his band. I had no clue what I was doing but I had fun. I moved away to college and became the sound guy for the university singers (drummer, bass, keys, guitar and 22 singers). We did a couple tours around the country over spring breaks which were a lot of fun. Again I really had no clue but it worked. I ended up making  a change after my second year at college and decided to go to another school and got my degree in criminal justice. Worked full time to get through college installing home theater systems and as a hotel desk clerk. I "ran the sound" at my church during that time, but it wasn't anything more than 1 vocal mic and a guitar. I then met my wife and we have since moved to Colorado raising our 2.7 children. I have served as the lead sound technician at my current church for 2 years now. I also volunteer at another local church when I have time.

I know it is not an easy business and frankly wouldn't be very profitable. But I still would like to get my own rig and provide sound for bands and musicians. I am currently working on putting together a business plan (starting small and realistic) and I would love any advice I can get. I want to do this for a couple of reasons...because I love working behind the mixer and I want the experience.


David Parker:
I live near Houston, work the Houston area. Retired machinist from a major oil company. Now associate pastor and bassist at my church. Work sound for club bands on weekends. Been in the sound business part time for 25 years. Got started by a buddy asking me to run sound for his band. I actually enjoy loadout at the end of the night. My favorite thing is when they turn on the lights at 2am.

Scott Harris:
1. Where are you located
30 miles West of Boston

2. Is this all you do or do you have other business
RunningSound is a night & weekend business for me.  On weekdays I work for a 3D CAD software company where I run the Virtual Reality Center, basically 4 folded screens with 3D projection that you stand in the middle of, and yes, it's very cool and yes, many people call it a holodeck.

3. How'd you get into it
I had been DJing off & on for too many years, got bored of pushing play and started helping friends bands with sound.  Discovered that most local bands were attempting to run sound from the stage and proved that I could improve that quite a bit to a few of them.  I upgraded my gear and now have what I consider to be a respectable bar/club system which fits in my van.


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