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Video projector for exposed/ outdoor use


Jason Dermer:
I need a recommendation for a video projector. It will not actually be used outdoors, but it will definitely exposed to moist, humid conditions, and the full gamut of temperature swing. Super high resolution will not be necessary as the unit will mostly be used for still images, however I am looking at about a 40 foot throw and daytime usage (though not direct daylight) so a pretty high output will be needed. Can I get all this under $5k?

Bojan Bajsic:
Screen size would be in the 30ft range? i am sure this can be rented daily for sub 2k$.

If you were seriously thinking about buying for 5k, no. 20k for used and refurbished units would probably be a better estimate.

Is rear projection maybe an option? what kind of screen are you using (gain can 'boost' brightness pretty cheap)?


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