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Author Topic: Yamaha LS9 Admin Issue  (Read 15653 times)

Kevin Maxwell

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Re: Yamaha LS9 Admin Issue
« Reply #10 on: November 30, 2012, 12:26:58 am »

Hi Kevin-

I think we're in substantial agreement.  Your use of delay on groups for aligning SOURCES it spot on; the use of matrices for feeding the house DSP is cool; the use of multiple, controllable sends for the wandering pastor is valid... but none of those things are inherently SYSTEM concepts.  It's all about the source/input side and those things *do* belong in the console.

I gathered from the OP that his concern is about system-level issues and not operational or mixing concerns.
Yes I think we are basically saying the same thing. I see what you are saying, I was just trying to give examples of some of the kind of things that may be set up in a digital mixer. I would hate to see someone reset a digital mixer and then really mess things up because there was more going on then they realized.

I should have said (and maybe someone else did already) has the original poster called Yamaha and asked if they can walk them thru what they need to do. It would really be nice if Yamaha where to have a presence on the forums. There used to be some presence here but the one trainer who I saw on here a few times isnít with them anymore.

Regarding passwords in systems, most of them are just to keep the uninformed out, if you really know what you are doing you can usually work around it.

Todd Birdsong

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Re: Yamaha LS9 Admin Issue
« Reply #11 on: December 06, 2012, 01:22:50 am »

Thanks to everyone that has contributed their suggestions to my problem. Your replies pretty much support my thoughts on how to approach the problem. I just wanted some confirmations. I'll post again if I have any insights, or things take an unexpected turn during the initialization.
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Re: Yamaha LS9 Admin Issue
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