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Danley SH-LPM Floor Monitor

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Ivan Beaver:

--- Quote from: Craig Leerman on February 03, 2013, 09:08:52 PM ---I was talking about the wedges in my inventory. All my wedges either have factory installed stand sockets, or I have retrofitted them with a stand mount socket so I can use them on speaker stands.

--- End quote ---
Many people do just that-add a socket for their usage.  No big deal.

HOWEVER I will add a bit of warning to somebody wanting to do this with any cabinet-FIRST take the cabinet apart and see that you will not "hit anything" when you cut into the cabinet.  This could cause any number of different problems.

And if you can get to the area where you want to install it (like in a horn cabinet) CALL THE MANUFACTURER and get their recommendations where you can and can't put a pole cup.  You could ruin the performance of the cabinet if you don't.

Steve Anderson:
Does anyone (manufacturer) put a pole-hole inside the handle? Then it could do double duty without looking MI. Of course it would have to be balanced... or not.

John L Nobile:
I see this thread's a year old but I just came across it. +1 for these monitors. I love them and more importantly, the cast loves them. Has made performing in a few problematic rooms a nice experience for them. They sure seem lighter than 41 pounds.
When I first got them, I plugged them in, said a few words and couldn't find anything to change. I've since taken out a bit of 200 hz for room acoustics.


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