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RCF 21" sub build by Loren Jones, missing the photos


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Hi folks,

Some may remember that I was asking for advice here a couple months ago on building a couple standard front loaded subs.  I ended building a pair of subs using RCF 21LFN451 drivers

The general shape of the enclosure is similar to a TH-118 or to a JTR Orbit shifter (see pics).  Around 32" tall and 22" wide or so with wheels on the back corner for tilt-back rolling.  I have been attempting to get some measurements of them but don't have gear or experience to do that properly.  I was trying to get some measurements with a demo copy of Smaart today and couldn't manage to do it, so sorry for that.  All I have is pics and listening impressions.  I do know that Fb came out at 32hz.

I have used them on really only one occasion which didn't require any significant output (music playback and some acoustic acts).  Overall I think I would describe the sound as characterized by deep extension, tight rather than boomy, and quite musical.  I did power them today off of a bridged Crown CE4000 using the DSP recommended by the LABster who designed the enclosures for me.  They handled music program with the clip lights on the CE4000 blinking lightly and there was no audible sign of distress that I could hear.

I was also going to add that the total cost to build a pair came in around $1400 including 3 sheets of 18mm baltic birch, handles, feet and wheels, duratex roll on speaker paint, screws, t-nuts, speakons etc.  I am very happy with the final product overall.  That $1400 number does take into account the fact that I got this pair of unused drivers from another LABster for a reasonable discount off of retail new price ($800 for the pair).

Anyway here is one pic and more in the posts to follow.

Thanks to all who offered advice in helping me decide what to build and for the design itself.

edit:  added paragraph about cost

Loren Jones"

A classic. posted on: October 31, 2010, 09:48:18 pm

Too bad the photos did not make it into the archive.

Any possibility of that happening?

Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson:
I found 5 photos from this build at the tech talk forum at Parts Express:

Registration required, sorry.

Jeff Robinson


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