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More Bill Hanley vertical array technology

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Doug Fowler:
Rolling Stones @ Madison Square Garden, 27 November 1969
Technology by Bill Hanley, photo courtesy of David Scheirman

ignacio sanchez:
wuauw nice picture  looks amazing i like to know  how sounded this  ???

Mike Christy:

--- Quote from: Doug Fowler on May 29, 2012, 03:11:41 PM ---Rolling Stones @ Madison Square Garden, 27 November 1969
Technology by Bill Hanley, photo courtesy of David Scheirman

--- End quote ---

Wow, 3 months after Woodstock - he must have been doing lots of experimenting and making some serious sawdust back then. Wonder if he got his mixer working?

michael sveda:
Wonder what drivers were in those boxes


--- Quote from: michael sveda on September 24, 2012, 11:13:09 AM ---Wonder what drivers were in those boxes

--- End quote ---
About 2 or 3 years after these pics were taken, there was a gig at the Oval in London featuring Hawkwind & Frank Zappa using the 'Rolling Stones PA' which comprised RCA-type bins and a large number of JBL horns & tweeters. Is it possible that this is the same system with the Bins flown either side of the stage and the mids/highs flown centrally? I can't make out from the pic what the central flying basket contains so can't be sure but the size would appear to be the same (the Oval concert had a standard set-up with Bas/Mid/High speakers stacked  left & right of stage on scaffold in a very haphazard manner).

Update - I downloaded the pic and edited in Picasa and it does indeed look like a load of horns in the centrally flown basket but I can't get enough definition from the pic to ascertain what types and how many.

Update. There was a programme on Radio4 today!/ presented by Paul Gambacinni talking about the tour that culminated in these self same shows at Madison Square Garden. No mention of the sound but some stuff about the lighting and rigging. The tour was the first where the show carried its own lighting system - it was designed by a theatrical lighting designer and the rigging caused many problems due to time constraints - at MSG the rigging was set up by the union personnel and had to be re-rigged by the crew in double quick due to misunderstandings. The entire tour entourage consisted of 16 people including the band and photographer!


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