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New Outdoor DJ Sound System Reccomendations

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James Kessell:
Hi, I am looking for someone that knows more about active system then myself or if I should stick with the standard amp rack and stack of speakers (expand current system). I was looking at the QSC HPR powered system and the JBL PRX series.

To give you a idea of what we do, I operate a new company that hosts car events mostly outdoors with 200-400 cars and 500-1k people. We would be using the system on a out door stage for a DJ and PA. I currently have the below system but am thinking about selling it for powered boxes. Let me know your thoughts! I am also open to other lines.

My current old system=
2 Peavey 3g's ( damaged drivers need to be replaced, is it worth it ?)
2 Yamaha S115V
2 Peavey 118 subs converted with 18 inch Eminance Kilomax Subs
Crown Ultratech 1010 and 2020 (1010 needs repairs)

Dave Scarlett:
I have a 153/118 setup and really like it, heavier than the K series of course. If you have cars spread out over a huge parking lot it will probably get sound out there to the last guys in the back. If it's 50/60's music up close to a stage it will do the job as well. For newer bass heavy DJ music you'll come up shy.

Kevin "DJ Wave" Boreing:
I think you'd do well to pick up a PRX 625M system (2) with a pair of prx618s-xlf subs. The only thing you'll need to be warry of is having an extra fan or two in case you get one of those hot summer days and need to put a fan facing the sub amps on the back of the box.

This is a very strong system, and you could also most likely get away with the 615m over the 625, but I'd be wanting to have that 3 way system in an outdoor setting like that. Usually those kind of gigs don't need full coverage all over, just solid coverage around the stage area and main announcement spot.

James Kessell:
Yeah I will have to worry about heat due to being in florida. How have those systems held up to the road. I was also considering a set of EAW powered KF400a's for tops and some double 18's for the ground. I am just worried about those single cabs not getting out enough bass due to the nature of new music.

James Kessell:
Anyone else ?


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