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Author Topic: Generator Bonding Question  (Read 590 times)

Steven A. White

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Re: Generator Bonding Question
« Reply #10 on: Today at 12:59:29 am »

  So could I then add a jumper from my N to G in the 30 amp twist for the genny side and have my CS 50 on the other end that goes to my distro ? I understand that limits my 50 amp distro to 30 amp but does that get me a bonded neutral to ground at the genny ?             
   ( Drive a grounding rod in and I'm good to go. )

That would work.  However, probably not kosher per NEC.  The generator should have provisions built into the power panel to bond the neutral to chassis ground.  That would be proper.  I can’t advise on this, but wouldn’t do it.

Liability there and safety.  There should be a bus, which may just be a stud.

Maybe someone else knows and can better describe it.  Find out the “right” way to do do it and be sure.

What generator are you using?  Are you sure it isn’t already bonded?  “Backup” is the key - to use a generator as backup power for a building the neutral floats in the generator and gets tied to ground in the service entrance panel.

Whereas generators designed for stand alone power have the neutral tied to chassis ground inside the power panel.  The generators I have can be used either way by bonding or removing the neutral depending upon usage.  Yours may be one that can be used for either application.

Look at user manual, if not sure call tech support or find somebody that is qualified to assist you.

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Re: Generator Bonding Question
« Reply #10 on: Today at 12:59:29 am »

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