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Line6 XD-V70 wireless mic road test

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Luke Geis:
I own 1 such handheld XD-V70 setup and am glad to say it's money well spent. It is a product that gets the job done very well at a price just about anyone can afford. There are caveats, but the positives outweigh the cons. I don't have the version two of this product and have only used it with the included capsule. The results have been stellar. I think it sounds better than a normal wireless mic system ( in the same class ) and is as close to a wire as you can get ( for the money ) in a wireless product. I have never once experienced a dropout and it's L6 " super model " is very nice sounding. I only have one complaint. It does seem to exhibit more handling noise than the higher end mics. maybe I'm picky, but I hate it when I can here the handling noise. I highly suggest this mic series to anyone looking for an affordable wireless system. It may be Line 6, but they are on to something with this one.

Luke Geis:
Although this thread has been dead for a bit, I figured I would bring to light and update in things.

This is definitely a nice sounding and perfectly capable system. It does have some handling noise and is very stable; most of the time.......... I have found it's weak link I believe? Outside of the tricky update process if you plan on going to the RF2 mode with the older systems, it is well sorted and I would still recommend them.

So I have found that it does not like having routers, access points and other such wireless network units near it that work in the 2.4ghz band! Until recently I have only used the Line 6 XD series mics with my analog gear that usually goes out on lower end gigs. I recently had a gig where a digital desk was utilized and I had it networked to be controlled by my I-Pad and other puters on the network. Well the router I used was a 2.4ghz access point and I had never had issues with things until this particular day. I set up the wireless and immediately realized that my network was UBER slow. Not only that but no matter what channel I picked on the wireless mics ( even if they showed to be clean ) I would get dropouts. It had me wondering? I had not updated my older XD unit, but had been running both in RF1. I tried RF2 on the one that could run that way with no improvement. I know that the AP was set for channel 11, but it didn't matter what channel the wireless was set for, there was issues. Luckily that day was a soft set! I performed a couple tests and quickly figured things out. As soon as I turned off the AP the wireless was solid and worked flawlessly! If I left the AP on and used the network turning off the wireless mic receiver the network was solid, fast and reliable! Easy enough, the two don't mix. I went home that night and performed the available updates on the old wireless units so that they were all on the same page and then switched out my 2.4ghz AP for a dual band router. The next day I set everything up ( running the network in the 5ghz band ) and of course there is no longer any issues with either anymore!

So what I learned is that although the Line 6 XD system is fine most of the time, when it is in close proximity to wireless AP's and Router's in the 2.4ghz band, it is not good for either one. They will cause interference between each other and make both useless. It seems the XD doesn't bother wireless that is more distant, but there was evident usage in the common wireless ranges when doing an RF scan. The more common 6 and 11 bands showed high usage. It is not bothered by nor does it bother anything in the 5ghz band even when in very close proximity. So if your having a tough time with your Line 6 XD and or your wireless network seems slow when an XD is around, it's probably the two interacting.

Martin Morris:

--- Quote from: Don Boomer on March 16, 2011, 01:57:10 PM ---Hey Daniel

If you singer really loves his 87 capsule you should try just screwing it on to the V70.

--- End quote ---

Hi Don

does the handheld from a XD-V35 system work with a XD-V75 receiver?

I'm aware that the XD-V75 has more channels.


Luke Geis:
From my understanding, yes it will work. The only difference will be he total number of channels to pick from. Obviously less from the V35 unit.


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