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Welcome to the audio measurement forum!

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Doug Fowler:
This should be self-evident: use this forum for topics on audio measurement tools, techniques, and tips.

Even if you're contemplating a lowly RTA to help sort things out, get help here.  Or share your experience.

Welcome aboard.

Timo Beckman:
This is 1 of the best ideas i've seen in a while so here's my 2 cents

All measurements done with FFT analyzers mostly on SIM3 or SAT-live ( i do not use SMAART to much maybe in the future with a mac)

Greetz from the netherlands

Doug Fowler:

Dank je wel, Timo ;-)

Paul Tucci:
This should be good.


Doug Fowler:

--- Quote from: Paul Tucci on October 26, 2011, 05:27:16 PM ---This should be good.


--- End quote ---

Damn Tucci, where have you been?

Welcome back!


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