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Ernie Black:
We have integrated the old srforums and churchsound forum boards, topics and posts into the new SR Forums, converting them from FUD to SMF format. The posts are "read-only" and are provided for reference.

This brings all the previous incarnation of the boards into a single framework (excepting the "Classic LAB" which remains a separate archive, as it has been for the past decade), so you can access all the archived boards from within the ProSoundWeb Community forum without linking to another location, and keeping them up-to-date format-wise so they will remain evergreen as this forum evolves. All the posts are marked with the display name of the original poster, but to avoid conflicts with member registrations in the current forum the usernames are entered into the database as "archive_2_name" (click on a username in the archives for the associated profile and you will see this).

We plan to redirect the old sub-domains (, etc.) to to avoid confusion and to preserve the functionality of legacy bookmark and search engine links, so that these will point to the current forum.


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