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Stolen Gear Alert | Nottinghamshire UK


Thieves broke into my garage last night and stole the following gear.

If anyone in the UK spots any of this gear please could you let me know?

Thanks very much

Graham White
Stolen Audio Equipment
March 2011

Outboard Rack
TC Electronics D-Two Delay FX Processor
TC Electronics M-One XL FX Processor
Behringer XR4400 multigate
DBX166XL dual channel compressor
DBX2231 31band  Graphic EQ
Lexicon MPX200 FX Processor
8u Black Plastic Gator flight case

Logic System CM15, Grey carpet x1
Logic System SB1 18” subwoofer, Black Paint (with padded cover) x1
Electrovoice EV ZXA5 active powered speakers x2 (with covers)

63a Rubber Box Power distro with: 3x 32a & 3x16a ceeform oulets
32a distro with: 4x 16a ceeform outlets (black)

Playback Rack
Tascam CDA500 Rackmount CD/Tape player
Tascam MD301mk2 Rackmount minidisk recorder
Cool Light Rackmount LED lamp
2u Rack drawer, carpet lined
16a rack power panel
8u Logic System Black Paint wooden flight case on wheels

32way XLR stagebox with 2x Tourlock150 multipin connectors.
32way Tourlock150 to XLR tails, 3metres
8u Logic System Black Paint wooden flight case on wheels

Crown XTI1000 power amps x2
6way input/output panel (2u with xlr and speakon)
32a  rack power panel
8u Logic System Black Paint wooden flight case on wheels

Crown XTI1000 power amp (brand new in box)
Soundcraft Gigrac600 mixer amp
Pioneer CDJ800 CD player and black hexaboard case
Shure PSM600 In Ear monitor system (with 2x Beltpacks
Shure Passive RF Paddle
Soundcraft EPM8 mixer desk in carpet covered flightcase
DDA CS8 mixer desk power supplies x2
4u Silver aluminium flight case
32amp rack power panel

Every piece of gear has stickers which say “Total Live Sound”


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