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Live recording HELP!


Brian R Jones:
hello all,

situation- I have a presonus firestudio lightpipe recieving adat from a ls9-32. the presonus is plugged into a windows 7 computer that is running the presonus control software. the control software shows that it is recieving the signal and the meters are active. the meters on the actual interface are active too, good signal.

problem- how do i get the cubase le4 software to recognize that signal so that i can record it.

i went into the vst connections and everything, clicked my lightpipe and then assigned the input, output busses.

no signal on the audio track.

what can i do?

Mac Kerr:
Please read the notice in the big yellow bar at the top of the page. Then follow the link to the new version of these forum and register there. Then start your new topic there.

This version of the PSW forums will be closing with no further notice. It may or may not be here long enough to get your question answered.


Brian R Jones:
Thanks, figured it out though!


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