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Two sorts of TC 2290 question


Andreas Kerl:

This question goes out to all the 80ies and 90ies house engineers who are more likely to remember. The people at TC support don't know even that this dichotomy exists and are ALL too young to know (and have obviously no documentation about it).

Now that i bought one of those old TC 2290 digital delay units,
this question from far back comes to mind:
why is it, that tapping with some units gives me a rounded result in 20 msecs steps, whilst other units give me the exact result in msecs steps. Is there a software switch - like a shortcut- or a hardware switch -like a jumper- to change this setting?

Thanks for your attention,

Andi Kerl
Frankfurt Germany

Robert "Void" Caprio:

Guten Abend!

Good question. I used to use 2290s every day for many, many years. It's now been so long since I've used one I don't recall a certain feature that would allow you to set the delay time to be rounded by 20ms. More than likely it's a software update that was implemented in the later years of development.

Viel Gl


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