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Economy Powered Monitor ??'s


Ron E. Dee:
Hey guys! I don't know if "economy" can even be considered in the sound reinforcement world! Seems like an oxymoron!!

I'm thinking of a pair of powered monitors [on stage] for my new Roland Guitar Synth, and my multi FX pedal.

I'm sick of lugging my monolithic combo amp around, while not getting a true stereo separation on stage, and in most cases thru the house either.

The idea is to be able to... at the very least satisfy my ears!

Any suggestions on which "economy" monitors to use under $300 each? I need something durable and versatile, and at least 100 watts each. Also able to handle my input signals without puking!  

I was looking at the  Behrry EUROLIVE F1220A. I know, I know....but I need (2) and I don't have a G OR 3, for QSC's or Macks! Even if the cheapies can get me a solid year or 2 I'd be happy! Then when I have a few more rubles, I'll sell them to my knuckle dragging drummer and move up!!

Thanks, Ron

Rick Byers:
Ron, I don't know if these are avaialbe where you are but they've been working out real well for me, on smaller gigs:

300Watts, powered, co ax speaker, compact size.

New in the UK they are

Ron E. Dee:
Hi Rick - Thanks for the info!! They look very stout indeed!

First search seems to come up all UK. I'll keep digging!


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