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Best portable power source?


Denny Cannon:
I'm part of an Irish organization that does parades with Irish dancers and live musicians, usually on a flatbed trailer. We'd like to start using a sound system (especially in the upcoming St. Patrick's Day parade) but are having a problem coming up with a viable power source. We've been told that even the better quiet generators aren't a good choice because of not being able to keep up with rapidly changing power requirements, nor are inverters run off battery power. Does anyone here have experience in live portable sound and maybe offer some suggestions? There will be four musicians and I have a Gigrac 1000 to use as a powered mixer. Appreciate any help.

Silas Pradetto:
For something that small a hardwired (to the battery) 1000 watt inverter will do fine. Just get a quality one, not a cheapo one.

Dick Rees:

I use a Honda EU 2000 for just this purpose.  Of course it comes in handy for a lot of other things the rest of the year.  And the power is "computer safe".

Robert "Void" Caprio:

Denny Cannon:
Ah! Shades of the DeLorean time machine and flux capacitor. Don't think a Krups coffee bean grinder will help.


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