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Wireless camcorder/audio question...


Joseph Dixon:
OK, I'd like to know if something like this exists. Here's what I want to do. I want to be able to send a main mix out of the console and into my camcorder without the cable. Is there some sort of wireless device I can get that would do this?

I would think there's gotta be a little "box" with two inputs and some sort of level control. You know, you come out of the console right and left and into the "little box". You push record on the camcorder, or the "box" (or both at the same time? I don't know...), and the wireless audio goes into the camcorder just is if you were using a cable.

I do not want to have to come home and dump audio into my computer, sync it up somehow, and then get the audio back into the camcorder. I'm not very "computery" and this would be a big deal for me. That's why I'm hoping there's a simple "little box" solution. I just wanna come home from my show and have my wife (no, I don't know how to do it) easily be able to put the video up on Youtube.

See, I provide the sound for a very popular live band karaoke contest. This is one of the recent videos (since I've been asked to take over providing the sound) that's been put on Youtube. I just want to get better sound quality. Oh, the mic in the video is my Line 6 XD-V70. r_embedded#at=11

So, does this "little box" exist? If so, what's the price, make and model?

Thank everybody!

Steve Hurt:
Here's the receiver that goes on the camera:

Here's a transmitter that goes on your board


I searched on wireless receiver and got this link: 1/N/4291086002

(You'll need a transmitter to go with it, obviously.

Hopes this gets you there.

John Livings:
Hi Steve,

I am a little confused, The "Receiver" is Attached to the camera, OK.

The "Transmitter" Is attached to the Mixer??

I use a setup similar to that, and my understanding is that the Transmitter is designed to receive a "Mic" Signal (1/10 Volt). Is not the output of the board "Line" Level (1 Volt)?

The units I use, I just plug a Mic (SM-58) into Transmitter, And the Transmitter sends a signal to the receiver attached to the Camera.

I have never tried to hook the Transmitter to the Mixer, This would be Great, I just did not to want to Fry anything.

Regards,  John

Question Answered;,969.0.html

Regards,  John

Jim Thorn:
   If you already have a wireless transmitter/receiver pair that you have used with your camcorder, all you'll need in order to match levels from your mixer to that transmitter is a direct box with a switchable pad.  Connect a mixer output to the 1/4" input of the direct box, set the pad for maximum attenuation to start out, and conect the XLR output of the direct box to the transmitter input (where you usually connnect a microphone.)  With a performance underway, change the direct box's pad to whatever setting gets you close to normal record level, then fine tune using the camcorder's input level or the mixer's output level, whichever is the least hassle in your setup.

Even if you were not cautious with the pad, you would be very unlikely to damage the transmitter.  The signal would distort badly, but the circuitry should survive.

Jim Thorn


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