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Time to upgrade my amps...


Joseph Dixon:

OK, here's the deal. I have $3400.00. I plan to upgrade my power amps.

Here's what I have.
3 RMX 2450's
1 RMX 4050HD
1 PLX 3602
and the 'ol Driverack PA.

I have a pair of SRX 722's and three SRX 728's. I haven't bought a forth sub YET because I wouldn't be able to fit it my van anyway. I've been using an RMX 4050HD on the subs and a PLX3602 on the tops. I use two of the 2450's for four monitor mixes.

I've ran several other 728 / 725 combos with bigger power and more headroom. I don't have much  headroom. I just can't stand to see the red lights  on the 4050HD flashing with every kick drum hit anymore. With only $3400.00, I didn't think I'd be able to get enough of the correct amps to be able to bi amp my tops. So I just figured I would just get a used Itech 6000 and an Itech 4000 and at least be better off than I am now.

The good - I love the weight of the Itechs. I like the 4 ohm stereo rating. I like the power draw - which is VERY important to me.

The not so good - I am intimidated by the DSP. I don't like the 2 ohm stereo rating. I'd need to be able to run two 728's per side of the IT6000, but the stereo 2 ohm rating is only 2500 watts.

So then I started thinking about the QSC PL380. I don't know a whole lot about them really. I love the ease (no DSP to mess up) of operation. I love the stereo 4 and 2 ohm rating. The weight is good but I'm pretty sure I've read in some older posts that they draw a lot more AC than the Itechs. I often only get 2 circuits for PA...

Then I thought about bridging, which I'm a bit afraid of doing anyway. I think I'd really draw a lot of AC and add a lot of weight to the amp rack though. I'd love to be able to bi amp the 722's. I don't know what to do exactly. I've got $3400.00 and the amps I listed above.

A buddy of mine uses an XTI 6000 on his 728's and an XTI 6000 on his 725's. The rig sounds good but the sub amp seems to strain (?) a bit, like the recovery isn't quite there? Plus, it seems used IT4000's and IT6000's are cheaper than XTI 6000's anyway.

I really don't know what to do. IF you were in my situation, what would you do?

Thanks everybody.

jeff harrell:
interesting about amps that strain on the bottom end and concern about bridging and 2-4 ohm usage. i cant recomend anything new BUT i have never had any kind of strain problem or bridged problem or 4 ohm bridged operation with the old QSC Series 3 3800 amps. i have seven(7) QSC 3800 , i use 6 and for some unknown reason i bought a spare that i should at least find a use for and they kick ace on 18" woof woofs. i have heard that the Crest 8001 is a great kick bottom amp. maybe you could find a good used QSC 3800 or Crest 8001 for the subs. i have seen good used qsc 3800 amps for $400.00 and qsc still services them "IF" needed. as for power outlets we never played small clubs and were always ready to stick a generator out behind the club if we needed more power. i prefer a generator anyway. P.S. that QSC series 3 were probably the best amps ever made, they were way overbuilt like a CAT diesel is !!!


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