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Using Yamaha Studio Manager with Dual Screens (01v96)


Rick Byers:
I have a gig this weekend where I want to use dual screens with my laptop and Studio Manager.

I had it setup at home tonight to a dry run, and I couldn't get Studio Manager to split it's screen.

I can get it on one monitor, or the other, but ideally I want all 32 channels showing as well as an active channel panel, and the master section, spread across the 2 screens.

Nothing the manual, and a search has turned up nothing.

Is this possible, or not?

Bob Urtz:
Assuming you have the second screen connected and functioning properly, you can not have the studio manager program in "full screen" mode. You have to make it a window and then stretch the window across both screens.

Silas Pradetto:
You can get UltraMon which would enable you to maximize any program across all monitors. It essentially makes the computer think it has one giant screen. Extremely cool utility.

Rick Byers:
Cheers Guys

Looks like I'm going with the sinle instance tretched across the 2 screens.

Had it run up at home tonight, and all looks good.


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