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Best way for me to handle choirs

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Karl Winkler:
Dick Rees wrote on Wed, 02 March 2011 10:28

Given that the weak link in the chain is the initial volume level of the choir, be prepared to explain this:

Loudest sound at the mic wins.

This is just physics.  If the microphones "hear" the sound system over the choir it just won't work.  Trying to boost them will only result in feedback.  So regardless of which mics you use the make/break factors are:

1.  Choir volume/projection.
2.  Mic placement in relation to the choir AND in relation to the speakers.

This is good advice.

Pete Bansen:
Mike Jenkins wrote on Wed, 02 March 2011 08:42

The stage size is 4 x 3 m so I may get away with only using one or 2 mics plus extra for soloists.

Wow - with that tiny stage, it may be a challenge even getting the mics ON the stage with the choir.  

Good luck, in any case!


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