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Change yet again.

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Doug Fowler:
My experience so far has been not so bad with the flat view thing.

Just click the "New" icon and it takes you to the unread part of the thread.  It somehow seems that the threads stay on topic more than with tree view, but time will tell on that.

Thanks for the support, and see you on the new forums.


Kemper Watson:
So long ole buddy

Douglas R. Allen:

See you all on the flip side.

Douglas R. Allen

Tim McCulloch:
Douglas R. Allen wrote on Sun, 20 February 2011 10:44
I've been here along time.
I remember the first change over when the LAB looked allot different. Learned allot and will continue to lurk and learn as time goes by. Looks like Monday or Tuesday this current format will be in the past as well. Time marches on.

Peace to all and to all best wishes.

Kindest heart felt regards;
Douglas R. Allen

It's Friday, still able to post... but not for long, I'm sure.  It's amazing to me that there were 180+ "guests" when I loaded these FUD forums today... and 2 members.

Doug Fowler:
...and over a million page views on the new forums.  This speaks loudly to the number of people who read these forums who also never register, and never contribute.

They're working on it, trust me.  


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