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unknown microphone??????

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Carey Davies:
er... is it a DMX controlled lamp?

Charlie Zureki:

Like I said in the other.... if it doesn't have a serial number/model's probably crap.

 None of the quality measurement Mics I've ever seen....Larson/Davis, B&K, Rion, Sencore, Scantek, etc... have a closed opening (bezeled opening) and, they all have screw off capsules with no soldered wires.

 Good Luck,

 ps. it's probably chinese.

Mike Caldwell:
Compared to others,I don't think it's a stereo mic. I'm leaning towards no name import mic. Next week I'll get it in my hands and check it out.

Brian Larson:
Mac Kerr wrote on Fri, 18 February 2011 10:51
Gerry Tacker wrote on Fri, 18 February 2011 11:45
Looks like a Shure VP88!

Where did you get your VP88?


Upside down?

Gerry Tacker:
My thought exactly, but I have learned in the past not to disagree with Mac. He is a Mean Old Soundguy!  


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