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unknown microphone??????

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Mike Caldwell:
A friend of mine called me asking how to wire the XLR connector for the mic in the photo. It uses a 5 pin XLR, I told him that could lend itself to many possibilities! He could not find any name or model number on the mic. It looks like one of many measurement mics I have seen with the exception of the chrome end and the side ports that make me think cardioid pattern. Sorry for the not so great picture that's what he sent me from the phone.

Let me know.

Scott Middleton:
can't really tell from the pic, but sometimes 5 pin xlr's are used in stereo mics.

Gerry Tacker:
Looks like a Shure VP88!

Mac Kerr:
Gerry Tacker wrote on Fri, 18 February 2011 11:45
Looks like a Shure VP88!

Where did you get your VP88?


Chris Hindle:
Just a guess, but I'm thinking that the extra 2 pins are for the "lunch pail" pre-amp / power supply thingy. that your friend may not have.


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