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JBL 4507 sub?

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Mark Gensman:
There are two JBL 4507 subs for sale for dirt cheap locally. I found it difficult to find anything about them except they are a five cubic foot box with a single 15.

Any of you old timers know anything about these boxes?

Silas Pradetto:
That's so old it's probably loaded with a 2220 or worse. Not worth anything these days.

John Cameron:
Is this it?

If yes it has a 2226h which is's that bad.

Lee Brenkman:
JBL "product number code"

45**  indicates an enclosure

46**  indicates a low frequency  enclosure with driver installed

or at least that's the way it was when this was a current model.

Mark Gensman:
Thanks for the response.

I thought that perhaps picking them up and loading them with either a Peavey Black Widow or Eminence Kappa Pro 15 would make a nice pair of small portable subs for a "B" rig.


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