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Author Topic: Curious audio puzzle (TRS -> XLR)  (Read 26384 times)

brian maddox

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Re: Curious audio puzzle (TRS -> XLR)
« Reply #20 on: February 14, 2011, 07:23:02 AM »

RYAN LOUDMUSIC JENKINS wrote on Mon, 14 February 2011 01:36

brian maddox wrote on Sun, 13 February 2011 21:48

Donnie Evans wrote on Tue, 07 December 2010 10:16


Get one of these for your processor:

sorry, i know the OP's issue has been resolved, but i have to jump in...

these adapters are an abomination that should never have been invented.  why, you ask?  well i'll tell you...

they always get plugged into a devices 1/4" jack with an additional xlr connector plugged into the end of them.  this introduces a tremendous amount of leverage on the connector not to mention providing a very convenient 'pole' sticking out of your gear for you to trip/snag on.  just a very, very bad idea.

if you must adapt 1/4" male to XLR female, please use a proper adapter wired out of separate connectors and a piece of wire, even if said wire is only 3 inches long.  infinitely safer and easier to strain relief.  that's the right/only way to do it.


Now let's say you have a bunch of rigs out and each of needs a set of adapters for every bonehead BE or musician that forgot his or hers at home.  I would say that the barrel type adapters are the correct item to put in the tool box.  I own several dozen barrel type adapters and they have NEVER caused any damage to any of my gear.  I also own several patch cables with TRS to XLR in all genders and they also have never caused any damage.  For quick fixes, I'll take the barrel adapters any day, for patching between equipment for an entire event or semi permanent use, I'll take the patch cables everytime!

for the record, i wasn't speaking of all barrel adapters, just specifically those with a male 1/4" connector on them.  that being said, i have to say i can't follow your logic.  are you saying that barrel adapters are quicker to implement than wired adapters?  or cheaper to have in your inventory so you can implement them in many different systems?

i will say that the argument of 'it's never caused a problem' is an inherently flawed one.  there are lots of things we all do every day to prevent bad things from happening, not because they already have before, but because they so clearly could...

all this being said, it's your gear and your gig.  you are obviously free to do what you think is best...

have fun.  good luck!


brian maddox

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Rob Gow

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Re: Curious audio puzzle (TRS -> XLR)
« Reply #21 on: March 01, 2011, 11:22:13 AM »

Dick Rees wrote on Mon, 07 February 2011 09:35

You needn't worry so much about the number of connections as long as they are of a standard, robust type such as XLR.  They should of course lock together for security.  And at times it may even be desirable to not put "all your eggs in one basket" for quick trouble-shooting or replacement.  Staying with standard, readily available cables should always be preferred over making proprietary cabling......unless you make up plenty of spares.  

I find I get stuck in rock climbing mode, one less connection in the chain = one less piece that can fail.


It's been working well ever since. I too don't like the idea of a big piece hanging off the jack. All my snake returns are TRS, so all my cords that attach are 90 degree neutrik ends, so theres less chance of someone fumbling in the dark accidentally kicking something.
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