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What makes great sound?

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Erik Jerde:
You missed one choice that I think would significantly change the results:


And I don't mean me personally, well maybe I do, but I mean that as a choice, 'cause I'm sure every egotistical sound engineer (that's all of us right) thinks that he/she is key to great sound.

Guy Johnson:
Eric Jerde

Well, I'd agree with you there ... (except the very rare times when it all goes horribly wrong!).

Mind you, it's good to know from many different sources you trust, that you actually do do a great job. Keeps me centred.

Now, to brush up my people-skills, and try not be monosyllabic during stressful moments, ahem.

Great people that care!

Guy Johnson:
+1. And keep caring!

Karl Winkler:
Guy Johnson wrote on Mon, 14 February 2011 06:19
+1. And keep caring!

I absolutely agree that caring is a key ingredient. It's what keeps us learning and growing as sound folk.

Continuous learning is also important.

Experience counts a lot, too.

Having good people skills matters a lot. Being a good manager/team member or subordinate, and knowing your place when and where.

Finally, the skills, and the knowledge when to use certain skills. See experience.

Someone who cares a lot but has no skills or problem-solving ability can still usually not do a great mix. Same goes for someone with experience that hasn't learned anything new in 10 years (or 30).

IMO the biggest problem is the guys who think they have all of the above but don't. They can't tell if the mix sucks, or if there is gross distortion, or if the spectral balance is way off. But they have it in their heads somehow that they can do these things, so they go ahead and crank it.

Admittedly, an appreciable percentage of the problems in sound come from external factors like acoustics, clients who are clueless but don't know it, unrealistic expectations, etc.

But having the above at your disposal: caring, skills, learning and a good attitude will go along way towards solving the issues that are out of your control, at least partially.


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