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M7CL soft patch?

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Tim Padrick:
brian dunard wrote on Fri, 11 February 2011 23:28
One other question that I have regarding the LS9 compared to the M7CL has to do with making an aux send simple for stereo send IEM.  I have uploaded a .jpg file from the Yamaha site that shows a screen shot of the M7CL and it shows that it is capable of having AUX sends setup for stereo use so that the first aux knob is pan and the following knob is level.  Is this possible with the LS9 as well?

In Studio Manager, it's in File, Mixer Setup.  Each pair of Mix Buses can be set as MonoX2 or Stereo.  For monitors or FX, you want each pair to be set as Vari(PreFader).  For groups, you want each pair to be set as Fixed.  (Only odd-even pairs can be set as stereo.)

Jonathan Schroeder:
I use an M7 every day, and I haven't had a chance to get much time on an LS9, so this may or may not work for you, but on the M7 (minus the custom layer) this could work.

In a pinch, you could use the channel link, and only select the fader as your linked parameter.  I assume (I know, I know) the LS9 works the same way as the M7 that you can temporarily break the link by holding the select on the channel you want to adjust.  One of the updates (again on the M7) allowed for a proportional linkage, so if the snare is +3db everything else, when you move the faders it will keep that adjustment.  

It doesn't give you one fader, but with the custom layer you could probably end up with what you are looking for without eating up a bus.  The first drawback I can think of is the fact that you cannot have different attributes linked in different groups, so if you were to do this, all of your linked channels would be fader only linked sets (No stereo linked pairs for the playback).

I am sure there are other reasons not to do this, but if it gets you through the gig working the way you want to, great.  I haven't tried this because the M7 has the DCAs to take care of this.  Experiment and see what happens.  If I am completely off, sorry, I can't get my hands on an LS9 right now.  As long as my assumptions are correct this should work.


Christian Tepfer:
Scott Helmke (Scodiddly) wrote on Mon, 14 February 2011 21:03
Ivan Feder wrote on Mon, 14 February 2011 12:02
get an SC48! pretty much the same price as an M7CL but what a difference!
(IMHO of course)

Heavier, less possible aux mixes than the M7CL, and no parametrics on the outputs without using up limited plug-in slots?     OK, the SC48 is a nice board but let's go with what the customer needs are.

Suddenly, iLive springs into my mind. I wouldn't consider LS9 or M7CL unless a client demands it or I am provided with one for a band show.


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